THE BRIDGE     No. 11. AUTUMN 2001
The Bridge Issue 11


Comrades From The North
Stealing Hearts, "Love And Theft" by Roy Kelly
Love's A Pleasure When First It Is New
A Halfhearted Examination of "Love And Theft"
by A. J. Iriarte
Bob Dylan's Songs of Innocence And Experience by Terry Kelly
Other Strangers....... Susan Tedeschiby A. J. Iriarte
Other Strangers....... Robbie Robertson by Masato Kato
Back Cover of Issue 11
Other Strangers...... Charlie Watts by A. J. Iriart
Different Point of View - the Letters Page
Jotting Down Notes
The Dime Storecompiled by Alan Hoaksey
Still On The Road - the setlists

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