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It is with the strangest feeling that we write this introduction. As you will realise we would certainly rather not be doing it at all and that John was still writing The Secretary in The Telegraph. His legacy is enormous, his work the blueprint for all those who would aspire to the provision of quality publications. The work of Bob Dylan is what inspires all of us, of course, but it was John who inspired, encouraged and supported we two in making our own particular contribution to The Telegraph - Jotting Down Notes. For all of that, thank you John, but most of all thanks for your friendship. Your inspiration will remain central to all that we would seek to achieve.

And so things have moved on. We cannot thank you enough for your support through your subscriptions and your contributions in the form of articles, photographs and information. So many of you have wished us well and offered assistance in so many ways that is has eased the difficulties of getting this new venture underway. We hope that you will enjoy this first issue of The Bridge, which will be somewhat different to our intended "usual" issue as there is so much information to catch up on since we last published JDN. There are many new tapes to report and a large number of shows to document, which has made the set list section much larger than would normally be the case. However, we trust that we have included something for all tastes and we will certainly strive to refine and evolve the contents and services offered. Rest assured that The Bridge will remain a subscription-only magazine.

As we write, Dylan has just concluded a European tour and shows no signs of slowing down. His performances have been strong, he is looking fitter after last year's health scare and the band is musically sound. Three (count 'em) Grammy Music Awards underline the strength of his recent work and the man continues to surprise and delight concert-goers. At a show on the UK tour of arenas (aircraft hangars?) Dylan was able to hold spellbound an 18 year-old nephew of ours, not to mention everyone else. That is the power of the man and that is why The Bridge exists.

We discussed the possibility of providing an information line but decided that the last thing that the world needed was another Dylan Hot Line. This kind of facility is already provided by John Baldwin who gives an excellent service which ranges from up to date information to priority tickets for the recent UK shows. He has agreed to allow subscribers to The Bridge to use his Desolation Row Information Service and we are very grateful to John.

Please keep the photographs and clippings, the information and suggestions coming. Your continued support will ensure that The Bridge succeeds.

And to each of you, may you climb on every rung ..........

Mike and John

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