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Hello and welcome to the second issue of The Bridge. Thanks to everyone who sent us contributions, photographs and information. We will always need that support and we are particularly keen to receive photographs. Also thanks to those who sent us good wishes. You don't know how much we appreciate feedback of any sort so if you feel like putting pen to paper do it now!

Bob Dylan's stock is extremely high right now with the release of The Bootleg Series Vol 4. Every serious newspaper and music magazine has devoted print space for reviews which have been excellent, in the main. The CDs have certainly generated a huge amount of interest with even the sleepy backwater of BBC TV Breakfast Time presenting a very good 5-minute feature between the coffee and the Ready Brek.

The touring year is now over but Dylan is still working having popped into the studio recently to cut some material with Joan Osbourne and Al Kooper. Look forward to hearing those efforts.

In this issue of The Bridge you will find some articles which sometimes take a controversial look at Dylan's work. Needless to say, as every good magazine does these days, the views of our contributors are not necessarily our own!

We are sorry to say that nobody came up with the answer to Michael Krogsgaard's question given in Issue 1 but it wasn't for want of trying.  You'll find the answer in his feature this time around.   We are pleased to report that Michael will be on board  for the foreseeable future and, to whet your appetite, amongst  other future projects we have planned are the first-ever publication of the complete Robert Shelton 1966 interview with Bob Dylan and a definitive guide to the line recordings.
By the time you read this issue Christmas will be close at hand so may we take the opportunity to wish you a peaceful and happy Yuletide and we look forward to your company in 1999.

And to each of you, may you climb on every rung ..........

Mike and John

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