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Our tiny world has been dominated by the digits of destiny recently. Live8, G8 and most tragically 7/7. We are awash with the politics of catastrophe and seemingly at a loss to deal with those issues which have or could forever shape and change the way we live and, more importantly, the way in which our children and their children will live. The bombings in London have left a deep scar on the tissue of our nation and we offer our deepest, heartfelt condolences to those who have suffered directly or indirectly following that unforgiveable act. But we are already growing stronger and the resolve of the people is robust. Freedom and liberty always comes at a price. The price is sometimes unbearably high and it should not need to be paid. The world of Dylania feels like a very inconsequential at a time like this but Dylan has spent his entire career espousing liberty, freedom and justice and we can gain inner strength from his own take on these matters. Dylan often sings about individuals and their struggles (Emmett Till, Hattie Carroll, Hollis Brown, Percy) but his great song of universal hope Chimes Of Freedom, sums it all up. It was great to hear him singing some great renditions of this song in recent shows in America. Somehow one was once again transported to the times and events which helped shape the song. One felt the passion behind the scratches on the paper. But this is not a song locked into time. It could have been written yesterday, today or tomorrow. It's truths are truly universal and Dylan stands up for all of us who might be the small players in the game of life, the ones who make the wheel go round, the ones who paint the backdrop and those whose subscription to normality has been refused.

To more mundanity we are about to 'enjoy' a huge influx of 'things' Bob! There is the two part Scorcese documentary due to be broadcast in September, focussing on Dylan's life up to 1966. Private audio and video footage from the vaults is used, including film of Dylan's '65 and '66 tours, excerpts from Newark Folk Festival and putting on reporters at news conferences. Dylan was interviewed by Jeff Rosenon and footage from that will be used. There will also be a DVD which will include additional rare material along with a CD 'soundtrack' in the form of the next segment of the Bootleg Series. From the track listings available and the adverts for the DVD and documentary we could be in for some real treats! Then finally more touring in Europe later in the year! Enjoy!

And to each of you, may you climb on every rung ..........

Mike and John

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