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This has been a very wet and most peculiar Summertime for those who live in various corners of these British Isles. There has been widespread flooding in a number of cities, towns and villages brought on by prolonged and savage downpours. It has rained at some point nearly everyday for a couple of months and many have been down in the flood and victims of the high water. It is very hard to keep a sense of perspective when you are under a few inches or, more likely a few feet of contaminated water but we have always got the continuing tales of the Beckham family saga to raise us above all of the misery. One can't help wondering, as the over-the-top televisual extravaganza unfolds to reveal the Beckhams entering the Hollywood goldfish bowl into a country where their presence causes bemusement rather than recognition, what sort of world such people inhabit. There is only unreality for them and they must have no concept of the "ordinary". That gets you to thinking about Bob Dylan and his world. How would you think he measures up on the oddball-ometer? Certainly he has done some strange things in his career but he has also been down to earth at other times like cycling to a Stockholm gig and getting lost and jumping off the tour bus to talk with passers-by (who happened to be John Bauldie - see later in this issue). He himself has been in the tabloid press with the story of him being considered a bit of an oddball as he appeared to be hanging around the primary school at picking up times. Of course, he was waiting for his grandchildren.

Like anyone else who has been in the "business" and seen and done it all for 40 years, life must have a very different meaning. Or does it? Remember Dylan's definition of contentment and happiness? Was it success and riches? Was it writing songs and artistic acclaim? Remember this?.

Marry me a wife.
Catch rainbow trout
Have a bunch of kids that call me pa
That must be what it's all about. .

He could be right.

May you climb on every rung ..........

Mike & John

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