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Bootleg Series Vol.4 - The 'Royal Albert Hall' Concert
Columbia 491485 2.
This is the long-awaited, much-delayed, digitally re-mastered, two-CD set covering the complete concert from the Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 17 May 1966. The package is replete with an excellent 56-page booklet containing lots of interesting detail and liner notes from Tony Glover as well as many, previously unpublished photographs. The Japanese version boasts an extra booklet containing Japanese translations of the liner notes and lyrics.

Recent and planned official releases to watch out for:

"Love Sick - Dylan Alive! Vol. 1" [SRCS 8760-61] a two-CD single set with the same live tracks as on previous releases. "Not Dark Yet - Dylan Alive! Vol. 2", another two-CD single set but the additional live tracks have not been confirmed as yet.
There are plans to re-release re-mastered Dylan albums complete with extra tracks and first in line are Blood On The Tracks, Oh Mercy and Freewheelin' Bob Dylan possibly due early in 1999.

We can also expect some new product resulting from a studio session Dylan undertook on 31 October with Joan Osbourne and Al Kooper. They recorded a version of Chimes Of Freedom for an upcoming NBC series on The Sixties.

Bob On The Net

Since the first issue of The Bridge an additional eight songs have been placed on the Net.They are as follows :

25. Boots Of Spanish Leather - SECC,Glasgow, 21.6.98
26. Mama,You Been On My Mind -Forrest National, Brussel, 17.6.98
27. Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power) - Piazza Napoleone, Lucca, 6.7.98
28. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall - Messehalle, Leipzig, 2.6.98
29. I And I - Forum,Dijon, 1.7.98
30. Baby, Let Me Follow You Down - Free Trade Hall,Manchester, 17.5.66
31. Roving Blade - Botanic Gardens, Belfast, 19.6.98
32. Friend Of The Devil - Frankenstadion, Nurnberg, 31.5.98

Song 30 is from the now officially released cd.
At the time of writing songs 21 to 32 inclusive are on the website, the first 20 songs having been removed.

Cover Versions

The new Sheryl Crow CD "The Globe Sessions" features an unreleased Dylan song called Mississippi which is an outtake from Time Out Of Mind.

Martin Carthy's new CD "Signs Of Life" (Topic) contains a cover of The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll. Also of interest are versions of Barbara Allen and Jim Jones In Botany Bay .


The Museum of Television and Radio held a seminar in New York City on October 5, 1998. "Ferocious Electricity: Bob Dylan and the 1966 Tour," featured Greil Marcus, Author, Invisible Republic; Donn Pennebaker, Director, Don't Look Back; Cameraman, Eat the Document; Ron Rosenbaum, Columnist, New York Observer; and Betsy Bowden, author of Performed Literature. The panel was introduced and moderated by Ron Simon, curator of television, Museum of Television and Radio.


BBC Radio 4 recently broadcast a serialisation of Sam Sheppard's The Rolling Thunder Logbook. Condensed into five instalments this was an engaging and faithful adaptation.


Bob has enjoyed an increase in exposure recently with Channel 4 broadcasting Catchfire on 27 August and The Last Waltz on 25 October. Then BBC2 followed suit with Don't Look Back on 31 October. Nothing new of course but all the same nice to see Bob on the TV.

Brazilian TV broadcast Like A Rolling Stone from Rio De Janeiro on 11 April 1998 with Bob joining the Rolling Stones during their set. This is also available as an FM broadcast.



This is the complete show and in excellent quality. There are one or two interesting songs but the tape is worth it for the performance of Make You Feel My Love for the first time available on a PA tape
Here the quality is not consistent as it was recorded via the FM system therefore the sound fades in and out! Not quite the full show but when it is good it is very good!
A complete tape of Dylan's contributions to the annual folk meet at Newport is now out and about. There are 5 songs from 26 July and 1 song from 24 July. Two of these are duets with Joan Baez and are included on her new CD Live At Newport This tape is worth having for the superbly confident rendition of Chimes Of Freedom, so fresh and alluring.



Bob Dylan  En guide til hans plater  Christian

Braad Thomsen and Asger Schnack(Host & Son  ISBN 87-14-29482-6)

A bit difficult to review this one since it is written in Danish! It contains a review of each Bob Dylan album up to and including Time Out Of Mind.

Classic Bob Dylan 1962-69  My Back Pages  Andy Gill -
(Sevenoaks  ISBN 1 86200 040 9)

This coffee-table-friendly, hard-backed tome from respected UK rock journalist Gill presents a song-by-song review of all of the songs Dylan recorded in the 1960's, in chronological order of album release. Prior to the song reviews for each album there is a commentary on the circumstances in Dylan's life and work leading up to the recording.

MOJO Issue 60 November 1998
Co-incident with the release of The Bootleg Series Vol 4 MOJO included a superb, 26-page special covering Bob Dylan's electric era. The afore-mentioned Andy Gill chronicles Dylan's songs of the period, the 1966 Klas Burling interview is published and the 1966 UK tour is documented in some detail. There are lots of great photographs, some previously unseen. If that were not enough, the same issue devotes a further two pages to a first-class review of the album itself.

Every Picture Tells A Story
A limited edition book and CD by Ronnie Wood has recently been released; Wood On Canvas. Every Picture Tells A Story. The book is a lavish part leather-bound affair in a full leather-bound case. There is a free CD and the fourth track is Interfere written by Ron Woodwith Bob Dylan on guitar.
The book costs £185 plus £7 delivery and is available from Genesis Publications Ltd., Surrey, GU1 3XY, tel: 01483 537431.

Bob Dylan Companion - by Clinton Heylin
This book is due out in December price £10.95

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